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Turning vision into value & Your success is our business.
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Turning vision into value & Your success is our business.
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About AlDawli

Aldawli is a Professional firm with Highly Qualified Staff. in Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Advisory Services.



Al-dawli provide a range of audit and assurance services designed to identify, manage and respond to all types of…

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Risk Management

Risk management the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization’s capital and earnings. These risks stem…

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You may wonder what Al-dawli do as financial advisor. In general, we help you make decisions about what you…

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Our Al-dawli tax professionals combine international experience with local knowledge to provide viable commercial tax strategies tailored to address…

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Al-dawli provide Bookkeeping services, is the process of recording your company’s financial transactions into organized accounts on a daily…

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Our National Duty necessitates that we should contribute to the progress of the National Economy.


Our Vision is quite clear and obvious within an advanced scientific approach which aims at creating such a professional system which is able to survive, compete and Excel. in this connection, our objective is to rank our office within the professionally outstanding offices in this business field and serve as a destination for all companies.


Effectively and Efficiently contribut to our field of specialization in an expert and professional way for the progress and advancement of our national economy in the first place and then to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the region's economy.

For a long time ago, the GCC countries in general, and the State of Kuwait in particular had been distinguished of its unique significance and vital geographic location that made it as a significant passageway for the eastern and western trade and a key lighthouse for the global economy.
The importance of these countries has increased and enhanced with the discovery of oil which is positively reflected in the prosperity of the markets in the region, the thing which has lead to the multiplicity of business activities from different types, constructed factories and established companies. Within this momentum, an elite group of accounting and auditing experts has culminated the idea of establishing "Aldawli" office so as to cope with that huge economic renaissance due to our unlimited belief that our duty is to contribute to the development of the economy of those countries by establishing sound and accurate accounting and financial principles and ethics that serve and support our clients in their projects by providing integrated financial, accounting and consultant solutions for companies, establishments, firms, authorities and individuals